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Visual Patch Maker Visual Patch binary patch maker for creating software patches & software updates binary patch maker features DeltaMAX data compression for faster software deployment and integration with software installation and patch management tools from vendors like Installshield, Lumension, Patchlink, Shavlik, Indigo Rose and others. Improve your software distribution and patch deployment systems with this software patching tool designed for software developers and programmers. Visual Patch features state-of-the-art binary differencing and

Visual Patch Create secure software patches and updates with Visual Patch 2.0
Visual Patch

Patch 2.0 features state-of-the-art binary differencing and compression algorithms. This ensures you smaller and better performing software patches. The algorithms used by Visual Patch 2.0 were developed specifically for their impressive speed characteristics. Whereas software patching was once a notoriously slow and cumbersome process, companies choosing Visual Patch 2.0 have a distinct advantage. Unlike some other products, Visual Patch`s full-

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Visual Patch Express 1.0: The fastest and easiest way to create secure binary patches for your software
Visual Patch Express 1.0

Visual Patch Express is the perfect solution for developers looking for the fastest and easiest way to create point-release binary patches for their software. Featuring state-of-the-art DeltaMAX binary difference compression and a streamlined interface, Visual Patch Express makes patch creation simple and uncomplicated. There`s no scripting or programming involved - just a few wizard questions to answer.

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Dispatcher 2011.05.05: Create Updaters for your software, updating it with binary patches.
Dispatcher 2011.05.05

patcher automatically generates binary patch data and uploads it to your website(s) whenever you release a new version. When the Updater is run on a user`s PC, your software will automatically be patched to its latest version! The Updater can be run in a variety of ways, including to only pop-up when an update is available. Features: -Create Updaters and Installers for your software -Choose Patch Mode (Transfers only the binary difference between

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FlashUpdate 1.3.7

FlashUpdate is a full-featured and easy-to-use software update solution. Create, manage and distribute your software updates and patches easily! Your users can now update your applications automatically over the Internet. Features a powerful WYSIWYG editor, an advanced binary patching engine, support for automatic updates, one-click deployment to the Internet, and more. Never worry about users running outdated versions of your software again!

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PatchBase 1.6

Your personal software knowledgebase. Organize all your installed software`s related info (as example, key codes, install/deinstall notes, patches data, patch-utility, upgrades and mode) into tree-like database with many capabilities: easy explore (like a Explorer), find (by provider, platform or name mask), version control, patch, undo patch, binary patch parse and more. Interface looks like a Windows Explorer.

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DF SDK 1.0.2: Software development kit to integrate software patching into your own app
DF SDK 1.0.2

Software development kit which provides an effective approach for creating software patches and updates, and integrating of the patch applying and/or building process directly into you own software product(s). Using DF SDK you can effectively accomplish the following tasks: Efficient Software updating/patching; Space-saving Differential data backup; Reliable Version control for files of any type and size.

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